Our Process

I follow a 4 Step On-boarding Process for all clients beginning with an Introductory Conversation.

I offer three different financial planning services:

  • One Time Financial Plan Delivery
  • Ongoing Financial Planning
  • Wealth Management

Through ongoing wealth management, I manage your investment portfolio and navigate your finances through the uncertainty that comes with investing.

 1. Introductory Conversation

(0 to 2 Weeks from Initial Contact)

The first step towards financial fulfillment begins with a complimentary 15-minute call. During this initial conversation, we familiarize ourselves with one and other, assess your current financial situation, and set expectations for future outcomes. If you decide that I’m the right fit, we schedule our next meeting.

At this point, I ask you to gather a comprehensive list of financial documents for our discussion during the next meeting. Documents can be delivered ahead of time or brought to the meeting.


2. Discovery Meeting

(1 to 4 Weeks from Initial Contact )

Our next crucial step is the discovery phase of your plan. I lay the foundation of your financial goals by learning who you are.

I get to hear more of your story, what keeps you up at night, what excites you, and what you hope for.

I help you dream bigger or scale your lifestyle back depending on your current situation.

Regardless, we spend time talking about what matters most to you and your financial stability. At this point, you decide which services you would like to receive: Ongoing Financial Planning, a One Time Financial Plan, and/or Wealth Management.

As a Wealth Management Client, I take you through an Investor Risk Tolerance Questionnaire to determine your risk tolerance for future investments.

We sign an agreement and I begin work on your Financial Plan immediately. Plans take up to 4 weeks to develop based on your financial complexity.


Option A

One-Time Financial Plan

I deliver a comprehensive financial plan illustrating a unique strategy to your financial situation. I work with you on a one time basis ending consultation access with the Implementation Review. My financial plans range in price based on complexity starting at $3,500. One-time financial plan clients can opt to have their investments managed as well


Option B

Ongoing Financial Planning

In addition to your financial plan, for monthly fee, I work with you on an ongoing basis to adjust your budget, optimize your retirement plans, and handle all of your financial needs. We connect monthly during our touch point meetings to discuss financial progress. I’m available during business hours to answer all questions via in-person, email, or phone call.


Option C

Wealth Management

I manage your investments according to your financial plan and risk tolerance profile. I utilize the Critical Path® Investment System in order for you to retire at the age you want with enough income to last. Clients who invest over $500,000 through Wealth Management receive their financial plan as a complimentary service.

 3. Financial Plan Delivery

(4 to 8 Weeks from Initial Contact)

Preparation meets action during this meeting. I deliver your Financial Plan and break down each component.

You receive a complete analysis in each of your applicable Financial Components: employee benefits, savings targets, debt repayment, investment goals, retirement planning, insurance, estate planning, and tax planning. Immediate, Short Term, and Long Term goals are all considered.

I provide an asset allocation assessment and education on your current retirement plan at work.

You receive a Proposed Budget based on the goals discussed and the timeline in which you want to accomplish them.

If you chose to be a wealth management client, I deliver a tailored investment portfolio according to your risk tolerance and your specific goals.

Lastly, we tackle specific questions that affect your finances such as: is re-financing your home beneficial, should you pay down your mortgage, how much should you save for your children’s future education funds, and are you on track to have enough for retirement?


 4. Implementation Review

(7 to 11 Weeks from Initial Contact)

We review what immediate action steps you have been taking and what actions steps still need prioritization.

We evaluate how well you have implemented your Proposed Budget. At this point, we might have to adjust the budget based on your adherence and potential changes of your goals.

If necessary, I may refer you to my Financial Planning Network of professionals that are needed to implement your plan.

This might mean you need to visit a CPA, Estate Planner, Insurance agent, Healthcare agent, a local Medicare agency, Bank or Credit Union, etc. You also get a list of online resources and tools based on your needs to tackle your goals!

For One Time Financial Plan Delivery Clients, this is the last opportunity for communication and assistance.

For On-Going Financial Planning clients, this is just the beginning of our relationship.

Monthly Touch Points

I connect with my On-going Wealth Management Clients through Monthly Touch Points (quick financial check-ins) so you can review your budget summary and assess your progress.

You have unlimited access to ask questions via email, phone, Zoom, or in person.

Lastly, you receive complimentary Financial Plan revisions if there are any changes in your financial situation.


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