You can work with us in a few ways. We offer comprehensive fee-based financial planning for individuals and couples as well as Retirement Plan Services for Business Owners. We are always your fiduciary which means we put your needs before our own.

*Due to new California state mandated legislation, CalSavers, employers will soon be required to have a retirement plan in place. We are in direct communication with the legislators and we are prepared to help our local business owners through the process. Schedule a call today to discuss your options.



Full Comprehensive Financial Plans range in price based on complexity.

Most clients engage with us on an ongoing basis for a flat wealth management fee after the plan is delivered.


For our Comprehensive Financial Planning and Wealth Management Clients we follow a 3 Step Client On-boarding Process

  1. Complimentary Introductory Consultation

Everyone starts with a complimentary 15 minute introductory consultation call. We get to know each other, we asses your current financial situation and I tell you what to expect during our planning relationship. If you decide to work together, we set up our agreement and we schedule our next call.

2. Discovery Call

Our next call/meeting is the discovery meeting. This is when I get to hear more of your story, what keeps you up at night, what excites you, what your dreams and hopes are, but we also come up with goals together. I help you dream bigger or I help you scale things back depending on the situation. Regardless, we spend time talking about what matters most to you and what the most immediate money stressors are in your life.

3. Recommendation Meeting

This is the meeting where I present your plan. We spell it out in plain English without all the jargon. You receive a complete analysis and recommendations/action steps in the following areas: employee benefits, savings targets, debt repayment, investment goals, retirement planning, insurance, estate planning, and tax planning.

I divide these recommendations up by immediate action steps, near future action steps and future action steps.

You also receive an asset allocation for your current retirement plan.

We will also create your new “proposed” budget based on our conversations.

We also help you schedule follow up meetings with other professionals needed to implement your plan. This might mean you need to visit a CPA, Estate Planner, Healthcare agent, a local Medicare agency, Bank or Credit Union, etc. We introduce you to our network and we make sure that you are well taken care of. You also get a list of online resources and tools based on your needs to tackle your goals!

The difference between being an on-going wealth management client, and a one-time financial plan is that when you are an on-going client, we also manage your assets on your behalf. We create a tailored investment portfolio according to your risk tolerance and your specific goals.

We use BY Mellon/Pershing as the third-party custodian so we never take possession of your money but we do make portfolio trades on your behalf.

You also receive follow-up meetings every 5-6 months to make sure you are on track with the implementation stage or whenever there is a big change in your life. We will always meet at least annually via call, skype or face-to-face to update your plan.

When you are an ongoing wealth management client, you also have access to me via phone of email whenever needed.

Struggling with debt but ready to take action?

We also offer financial coaching for those who are struggling with debt and are ready to turn their life around. We will take a close look at your budget and your credit. We’ll work with you to figure out where every dollar you earn is going. And we’ll help you make a plan for your money. Not only will you be able to afford the things you need, but you’ll also save for your future, give to others, and even enjoy some of your money for yourself!

This includes:

  1. 60 minute meeting/call to:

  • Review your debt, credit score, and current financial standing

  • Discuss paying down student loan debt and credit card debt while saving for a home or for children’s education

  • Review all employee benefits including health care options, 401(k) asset allocation, HSA, etc.

  • Create a budget that works for you that will actually help you work towards financial freedom

2. You will receive an email summary of what was discussed and my recommendations listed out in actionable steps.

3. We will schedule a second call to track your progress and make changes as needed. In between the two meetings you have access to me via email for any follow up questions.

You should be well on your way to financial adulthood! Once you are ready for comprehensive planning/wealth management, you will receive a discount off of our financial planning/wealth management pricing.

Ready to take action? Schedule your initial call now!